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  • KOBELCO SK200-6 Throttle Motor
Product details
  • Des.£ºKOBELCO SK200-6 Throttle Motor
  • Original£ºChina
  • Brand£ºOthers
  • Apply Model£ºUnknow
  • Part No.£ºYN20S00002F3
  • System£ºElectrical
  • Size£º
  • Weight£º3.5kgs
  • MOQ£º3pcs
  • Genuine:$ 0.00
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    Product ID£º3246
    Delivery time £ºIn stock

  • Description

Supply High good quality of replacement for construction Machinery

Part Number   Brand   Equip.Model
7824-30-1600  Komatsu   PC200-5
7834-40-2000  Komatsu   PC200-6  
7834-41-2002  Komatsu   PC200-7
247-5231          CAT       CAT320B
247-5212/227-7672   CAT CAT320C
247-5232          CAT       CAT330
709-45000006   KATO HD700-7
709-45100006   KATO HD800/900
4257163 Hitachi EX200-2/3
4614911 Hitachi EX200-5
2523-9014 DAEWOO DH220-5
543-00006 DAEWOO DH220-5
523-00006 DAEWOO DH220-7
2406U197F3 SHINKO
2406U197F4 SHINKO SK200-3/5
YN20S00002F1 KOBELCO SK200-6E
YN20S00002F3 KOBELCO SK250-6
21EN-32220 Hyundai R210
21EN-32260 Hyundai R225-7
21EN-32200 Hyundai R220-5

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